¿Qué es un linfoma? ¿Cómo detectarlo a tiempo?

What is lymphoma? How do you detect it on time?

By Dr. Salvador Fields Cabrera, Head of the department of hematology, Cancer Center Tec 100.

Lymphomas are a disease of the blood, there are more than 100 types. Some lymphomas are indolent and can be treated easily, but there are others who are very aggressive and dangerous.

That is why it is very important to stay alert to any unusual symptom in our body. There are some indicators that help us to detect a possible lymphoma, for example:

  • Lymph nodes in the neck or armpits.
  • Fever for no apparent reason.
  • Sweaty intense.
  • Alterations in the blood.

Lymphomas are a disease that involves a number of challenges for both patients and doctors. The most important thing is to achieve detect and respond to time the disease. According to Dr. Salvador Fields, in the specific case of lymphomas, this is related to two actions that the patient can be modified to achieve a timely diagnosis:

  • Use steroids “Steroids are part of the treatment against lymphomas, so use them indiscriminately, as a medicine or cosmetic, you can hide the lymphoma and delay the diagnosis.”
  • The fear of receiving a diagnosis of cancer “Many times patients are afraid, and let go of the symptoms. This also limits us to be able to make timely diagnoses.”

Another key part to talk about this topic is the medical care of patients throughout their life.  

Normally we go to the doctor only when we are sick, without taking into account the preventive medicine helps us to monitor our health and prevent future problems. In fact, preventive medicine is cheaper than most of the treatments to which we must submit ourselves when we get sick.

The doctor Salvador Fields makes us the recommendation of performing studies of blood periodically, at least twice a year. This will let us know how is our health and, if it starts to deteriorate, take care of time. Cancer Center Tec 100 account with a specialized area in hematology ready to assist you if you need it.