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Cancer Center Tec 100

Values are very important to us.

We operate under some values to ensure that the human factor is always above the business.


The personal judgment is never above to professional ethics. Do not put the benefits that it can generate the organization, any intervention or procedure may be unnecessary for the patient.


We are people serving people, we work with a vision focused on the patient and their family under the principle that before the health professionals we are people


The hope for a decent life is very important. We provide the service in any manner that we would wish to receive ourselves.


Our daily struggle we demand: cutting-Edge technology; training and continuous learning; unrestricted respect to our processes; perfect execution.


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Our Staff

Dra. Amalia Padilla Rico

Dra. Amalia Padilla Rico

Chief oncologist



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Frequently asked questions

Puedes encontrarnos de Lunes a Viernes en un horario de 8:00am a 3:00pm.

We have a program to help people who can't afford treatment. Contact us and ask for our program, we want to help you.

Contact Alberto Benitez for more information

That will depend on the type of cancer present your case. We suggest you get in touch with us in order to guide in the best way.

We cannot know in advance how long your treatment as it will depend on the type of cancer present. Query to one of our specialists for better orientation.


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